I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, in what seems to be the loudest, most loving mixed Italian family to exist. I am the namesake of my beautiful Aunt Felicia, a yogi master, horticultural genius, and one of the coolest aunts imaginable. My parents own a beautiful art collection, which was always displayed on the walls of our home. I grew up admiring these pieces, and wanting to create something myself. I was always crafty, bugging my mom to fix chipped paint, or for supplies to create the masterpiece I had in mind that day. In high school, I began to learn basic skills, and I dove deeper into my love, wanting to explore more and more. Through college, I continuously created new things. I took different classes, and worked with materials that pushed me to my limits. I learned how to critique and appreciate each piece for what it is, and what it means to the artist behind it. I have begun to find my niche, and I now work with the materials that I love to be challenged by the most. 

Art is my passion; there is no time I feel more empowered than when I am covered in paint, too invested in my piece to have a sense of time, pain, or hunger. In those moments, I am living inside my piece, putting so much of myself into creating what I hope to inspire... emotions you didn't realize art could evoke.


Felicia Rae DeRita

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