An Inside Look: Finding Fluidity 


I find that knowing the process sometimes makes the end product that much more beautiful...its also human nature to want to know how everything comes to be. So here is your in depth look at my process as an artist.


My love for fluid painting started in the early months of 2017. Bored with my usual techniques, and filled with a sense of adventure after traveling Southeast Asia for two months, I began searching for my next challenge. I stumbled across multiple videos of what I now know to be a technique called a "dirty pour". My eyes were on fire, my brain was racing...I did endless of hours of research, staying up through the nights until my eyes were bloodshot and hurt to close. Finally, I was confident I knew enough about fluid techniques to mix my own paint and try to pour myself. I had to get my hands on some supplies; I set up camp on my front porch...and I got to work. I spent hours on end, day after day, getting a feel for the paint...slowly learning how to anticipate where the paint will flow before it happens. After dozens of "ruined" canvases, I'd done it. I had perfected my recipe for mixing my paints; they were flowing with such ease, the colors... not combining but flowing and working together like bees in a hive. Scales began forming, and if I had not already been this moment, I never wanted to be without paint on my hands.


After many months of hard work and little rest, I have a solid collection of pieces I am proud to put my name on...and even better, I have a process.

Every blank canvas, empty piece of wood, clear glass, whatever it may be, holds power in itself. Looking at a blank surface fills me with an excitement that keeps the child within me alive. I try to envision the beauty that my hands can create, start to mix my colors, turn on music to suit my mood, and get to work. Often the colors of a piece reflect my attitude that day.


Fluid painting is rewarding, but it is not as easy as it looks. It takes patience and the ability to flow with a painting. Often the end product is completely different than what I started with. There is only so much control you have over a fluid painting, and, in a way, it is more freeing than words can describe.


Now the canvas is no longer blank...but my work on the piece is not yet done. I apply epoxy resin coats to each piece. The resin ensures that the piece will stand up over time, but it also does much more. After just one coat of resin, the painting comes to life. The high gloss provides an HD finish that brightens even the blackest black. The resined piece must dry on a level surface for 72 hours. After the resin has sealed, the piece is ready for its finishing touches.

After an FDeRita Original Signature, and an extensive photoshoot, the piece is ready to face the world.

FDeRita Designs is my story.


Thank you all for allowing me to pursue my passions, I look forward to sharing more of my work.

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